Burt’s Bees 成立于1984年的緬因州,一個嬉皮的養蜂人以及帶著雙胞胎的單親媽媽,用著古老的傳統配方製作出第一支蜂蠟護唇膏。 「我們始終相信面對複雜的生活環境總還是有最簡單的方法,相信自然 回歸自然」Burt’s Bees 每一項產品都清楚標示著天然成分百分比,堅持不添加防腐劑及任何有害人體的化學成分,除此之外,不過度包裝且盡可能使用回收原料作為包材,落實取之於大地 用之於大地 善盡地球公民之責。 We deliver what others only promise!

Burt lived a full life, the way he wanted to live it, and his 80 years on this Earth were an uncommon blessing to us all. We remember him as a wild-bearded and free-spirited Maine man, a beekeeper, a wisecracker, a lover of golden retrievers, a reverent observer of nature, and the kind face that smiles back at us from our Hand Salve.

Above all, Burt was always Burt – an uncompromising individual of his own invention – shaped by the moment and his curiosities rather than his ambitions or someone else’s grand plan. Burt never set out to change the world, but he was a pioneer who found himself always on the precipice of progress

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